The Challenge

The United States of America is a special place that has literally changed the world as we know it.

The vision of its founding fathers and in the government’s constitution have provided a beacon of hope and aspiration for not only the millions of people living in this country, but also for countless others in other countries across the globe. The foresight and hard work of those founders and others over the years, have laid a golden foundation upon which current and future generations can build upon and thrive.

Today’s challenge is how do we do that, to even better improve the opportunities and success of future generations? Will the county continue to grow, prosper, and remain the beacon of hope, liberty, and freedom for the world, or slowly slide into mediocrity, deeply divided and in debt, with fewer freedoms and limited opportunities?

As we look to the future, it is important it be done objectively, meaning any discussions, and the realities affecting them, should be based on what really is and the facts. That’s not to say that emotions aren’t important, as they have often provided the genesis for the dreams that have made America great, but ill-informed emotions and the violence that often proceed from them, are less than helpful, and should be avoided as we look to our future.

Striving to find these realities and facts is the founding purpose of Futures America. These realities and facts should then provide the rational basis for the important discussions and decisions affecting our future. This, along with capable leader citizens who place the needs and future of our country and its citizens above personal agendas or gain, should continue to provide the cornerstones of our democracy.

Historically, nearly every generation has provided stewardship of the nation’s economy and country. Most have felt they should pay their way, thus providing an even brighter future and increased opportunities for following generations. However, the recent me-first attitude of some Americans has changed this, with the idea that it’s okay to borrow now, or do whatever is necessary to pay for what makes them feel good today is okay, thereby passing the costs for this to future generations, who will have their own challenges, in addition to these too.

Through its work and your assistance, Futures America will continue to strive to address the challenges facing modern America. Your comments and recommendations are important and will be added to the discussion as we work to find meaningful solutions to its current and future challenges.